I Want To Meet You!!

As the traffic to my blog increases, my Twitter followers surge, and my Facebook friends lists bulges, I realize that all of us, who are on similar journeys, tend to circulate and run within the same virtual circles.

I am curious about what would happen, what kind of motivation would there be, if we put the lot of us together in one place.  I realize that we are all spread out, living in various regions and states.  The logistics certainly wouldn’t be easy.  But I think the enormous positive outcome would far out weigh any potential coordinating headaches.

How great would a weekend in Vegas, Chicago or Dallas be, with other people who have the same goals as you?  Not only would we have an opportunity to meet face to face, but we can also challenge each other and  be put into real world situations.  We could encourage and support each other as we workout together.  Nutrition and cooking tips and ideas can be shared.  There may even be an opportunity for those that have navigated this journey successfully, to teach a class or two.  There would possibly be cooking  and food prep demonstrations.  How about support from others at a restaurant as you try to make sense of a menu?

Just some thoughts here.  My husband made the suggestion and I am kick it around.  I am interested to see if I can get a response and make this happen.

Let me know what you think!!

How would you approach this?


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One response to “I Want To Meet You!!

  1. A great idea – meeting up with people in your area and making real rather than virtual connections
    Good idea

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