And Then It Just Clicked…

I was just sitting here watching YouTube videos on weight loss transformations, and something occurred to me.  Before I reveal my great revelation, I want to make clear that this is something I have heard before, it has just taken some time to sink through my thick skull.  Anyways, these videos often show before and after pictures and video clips.  While watching, I noticed a very distinct difference, besides the obvious weight loss, in these people.  That difference is, I can see that it takes much less energy for these people to just exist than when they were heavier.  Not to mention how much more evident the energy expenditures is while these folks are moving (everyday activities and exercise) before losing the extra fat.

My conclusion?  It takes much less effort and energy to exist and move as a thin/healthy person than it does as an overweight person.

Now, I have to ask myself:  Why in the hell am I still fat?  If I would just shut up and actually lose the weight, just existing would require so much less effort on my part.  Hell, I might even have extra energy.  Imagine not feeling totally wiped out and exhausted just doing every day things, but then having energy enough to exercise, leave the house or doing something with the kids.

Often when I can’t find the inspiration and motivation within myself, I will got to YouTube and watch these videos.

Another thing, I have recently discovered and am in the process of cultivating is a desire to not only conquer this obesity, but to write, motivate and inspire others to do it as well.

Maybe, just maybe, I can reach people before they too are trapped in the cycle of obesity for half of their lives.


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3 responses to “And Then It Just Clicked…

  1. Please don’t beat yourself up if just shutting up an loseing weight was as easy as it sounds half of america wouldn’t be overweight. I think it’s wonderful that you are trying to inspire people, that’s a great thing I think when people go throught weightloss they kind of feel alone at time (me included) and it’s great to read someone elses prespective.

  2. This is something I’ve wondered about too! Like how did I even walk around at 250? I was in so much pain all the time.

    • Lisa, I have never not been fat, this is all I know. I can’t imagine not being tired or hurting. But I am looking forward to that day! It is coming!
      I know the science behind obese bodies requiring more energy, but seeing it side by side really opened my eyes.

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