Day 1 Detox Recap

In addition to what we already know, that I am lazy, yesterday I learned that I am also weak. 

I did really good with my eating yesterday.  I stayed under calories and made healthy choices.  I actually feel confident about what I chose to eat.  I didn’t move as much as I wanted, but I will add more movement today. 

Yesterday was my husbands day off from work.  And starting this detox was just bad planning on my part.  Actually, Chris was very sweet about going outside, or having to run to the store for something in order not to temp me by smoking in front of me.   I made us a lunch of wonderful salad with mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, sun-dried tomato and basil mozzarella cheese (just a little), crutons and fat-free Italian dressing.  However, without even realizing what I was doing, I reached over and grabbed his cigarettes up, and proceeded to smoke one.  I was about half way finished with it before either one of us realized that I am not smoking!  In fact, I caved right before bed time and smoke another one.  But, I figure 1.5 cigarettes is way better than the normal pack (20 cigarettes) I usually smoke in a day.

I didn’t manage to get the entire gallon of water down.  I only got about half of it down.  I felt so water-logged after that, I couldn’t imagine trying to drink more.  I think I did pretty good with fending off my diet coke urges to.  I didn’t even think about drinking one until supper time last night.  Again, I think most of it is just habit, because without thinking about it, I just made me a glass of diet coke and was about half way through it before I realized it. 

Over all I am going to call yesterday a success.  I didn’t kill anyone, I wasn’t really even that grouchy.  Yes, I made a few slips, but it was such a vast improvement from what I normally do.

Today has started off well.  I had a healthy breakfast at 6:30 a.m., and shortly I will have another healthy meal (I eat a small meal every 3 hours).  My husband is back at work, therefore there are no cigarettes in the house.  I am already on my second glass of water for the day. 

Recap on day 2 tomorrow. 

Have a great day!



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2 responses to “Day 1 Detox Recap

  1. Melissa Khammash

    Hey girl you had a good start overall for your detox! I am proud you only had that 1.5 cigarrettes. Today you will do better I know!!!!! 😀 Just think of how awesome your health, attitude, your life ect will be once you have gotten back control over your life and how much this is going to teach your girls as they grow up! AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work Christi!!! 😀 Praying for you!

  2. Elizabeth

    You are doing such an amazing job. Reading your struggles and how they are being overcome is such an uplifting thing. I needed that today. Having one of those blah days where I want to binge on everything. Grrr. Keep up the good work.

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