Weigh In 1-24-11/Is That A Cat On The Scales With You Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Starting weight – 336 lbs

Previous weight – 324.0  lbs

Current weight – 329.2 lbs

Weight difference this week  +5.2 lbs

Total weight loss – 6.8 lbs

Before you judge me, let me explain.  The family and I went to my mother’s house for the weekend.  When we finally came home last night our cat, Rocco Bama, was so glad to see someone, anyone, he has followed me every single step I have made.  Well, this morning as I was trying to weight, every time I would step on the scales, he would put his front two paws on there too and lean.  I’d step off and shoo him away and try again.  Again, Rocco Bama would put his front paws on the scales with me, and lean.  It was almost cartoon-ish.  I’d step off and he would too.  I’d step back on and he would too.  I decided that I would put Rocco Bama outside then weight again.  When I got back to the scales, the batteries had gone dead.  So I decided that I would just post this weight and run with it.  I realize that it is not accurate.  I am ok with that.  When I go to the store tomorrow I will buy new batteries.  Until then me and Rocco Bama weigh 329.2 lbs.

You may be wondering how I came to have a cat named Rocco Bama.  In June my mother gave my oldest daughter this cat.  At first his name was G-Money, then it was Christopher.  Sometime around September we decided that he was a girl, so I started calling him Roxy.  Over the next couple of months Roxy has very visibly made it clear that she is in fact he.  My husband suggested that we call him Rocco because it is far more masculine.  My 5-year-old  loves this.  When we told her that we were changing the cat’s name, again, she said “Oh, like Rocco Bama?”  Naturally we asked her why she wanted to call him this and her reply was “Cause even fuzzy kitty cats deserve to be in the White House”.  After a good laugh, it stuck and now we have Rocco Bama, who will hopefully not have to endure any more name changes and weights at leat 6 lbs so I can explain the number increase on the scales.


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