The Next Step In Writing

Recently, I have had several people praise my writing abilities.  Some have even suggested that I could write a book.

I never realized that I like to write.  Hell, dare I say, love to write?  Before I started blogging, I never had written much.

During my early 20’s my ex-husband was REALLY into Dungeons & Dragons.  I took a stab at writing a few stories/scenarios for him to play through.  But, like any good ex, he completely crushed my confidence.  I believe the exact words he used where:  unbelievable, childish and stupid.  Needless to say, I quickly capped my pen and threw out my tablet.  In case you are curious, that relationship ended over religious differences.  He thought he was God and I disagreed.

Anyways, fast forward 13 or 14 years to the present.

As I discussed when I first started blogging,  what could I possibly have to write about?  Will I have enough material/original thoughts to sustain a blog for any length of time?

Over the past three and a half months I have filled three 5-subject notebooks full of various rants and raves.

Am I creative?  Eh, not really.  Am I imaginative?  Sometimes.  Can I put a funny spin on things?  That depends on if you like or get sarcasm.

For instance, I would love nothing more than to write about my friend Tawnya.  Tawnya is smart, sweet, funny, beautiful, awesome and just rocks.  But I have nothing sarcastic to say about her.  Hence, I have yet to be able to put into words everything I would like to say about her.  Her husband on the other hand, whoa Nelly!

Ok, back to the point.  Sure, I could write a book.  I just have no idea about what.

Do you have any suggestions?

Come on, don’t hold back.  Give me some ideas.  You never know, I could make you famous!

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