It’s A Buck For My Time, But The Sarcasm Is Free!

Let’s face it, my attitude sucks.  SUCKS!  I am a pessimist by nature.  Sarcasm and surliness flow out of me with little effort on my part.  In short, I am a grade A, top of the class, smart ass.

In fact, being a smart ass is one of my redeeming features.  It is that quirk (flaw?) in my personality that seems to draw certain people in.  More times that not, when people first meet me they don’t know how to take me.  Being a perpetual smart ass has certainly been a tool in weeding out those that can’t hang. 

Apparently, sarcasm oozes from me.  Sort of like an open wound oozes as it begins to fester with infection.  Most of the time I will be accused of being sarcastic, when in fact I am being 100% completely serious. 

So, I have been wondering why I do this.  The only answer I can come up with is, because I have always been the fat girl, I have used humor as a way to arm myself and at times deflect.  By constantly being a smart ass, I can keep people at arm’s length.  Never really letting  anyone in or too close.

Why do you think some people, especially those with life long weight issues, use humor or sarcasm as defense mechanisms? 

My mother use to tell me “You attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”.  At what point in my life did I decide sarcasm and surliness would serve me best?

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