My McDonald’s Romance

Christyan is at the age where she still thinks her Mama is beautiful and smart, and the man of her dreams is her Daddy.  She has told me that her Daddy will always protect her and is her hero.  In fact, she has even mentioned that when I die she has every intention of marrying my husband.

Naturally, being her mother, I think she is one of the four most beautiful girls in the world.  Perhaps ever in the entire history of the world.  Thanks to someone at the school she attends though, Christyan has recently become keenly aware that she is a little bigger than some of the other kids her age.  Along with being a little chunkier she is also a full inch taller than most.  But  even at that, Christyan isn’t abnormally large and when in a  mix of her peers doesn’t particularly stand out, except for her stunning beauty and somewhat spunky personality.

At the ripe old age of 4, most young girl’s days are not filled with visions of love, yet.  This is especially true for my girl Christyan.  Most of her days are filled with fanciful thoughts concerning playing in the dirt, beating somebody up, driving a racecar, and dancing.  She is a girl with more interest and curiosities swirling in her brilliant mind  in a single day than most of us even fathom in a life time.

About a week before Christmas the girl’s Grandpa Dale and Carol called to say that they wanted the wrecking crew to spend the night with them on the 23rd.  Grandpa Dale and Carol are especially good about taking the girls shopping so that they can pick out Christmas presents for everyone.  The way it usually works is Carol takes one of the girls shopping and Grandpa Dale takes the other girls to play.

This year, McDonald’s seemed to be the place that would most accommodate Grandpa Dale in his quest to supervise 2 or 3 kids at a time. 

Now this next part that  is being relayed to you  is purely my interpretations of  an event.  Since I wasn’t actually there, I have had to piece this together as the information has slowly been reveled to me over the past couple of weeks. 

It had already been a pleasant day when she entered the play place.  He hid inconspicuously behind the sign of rules and regulations.  As she took her jacket off, she shook her hair out, slow motion like you would see in a movie, she caught his eye.  Apparently, the sight of her was the first time in his young life that a member of the fairer sex had caught his attention, little alone taken his breath away. 

As she threw her shoes off and darted to run and climb, he found himself drawn to her.  At 4 years old most guys are already experienced romancers, but not him.  He dashed off after her.

Soon the little guy had worked up enough nerve to talk to her.

“Hi” he said bashfully, and she replied flippantly “hey”.

He followed her to the top of the play place were again he mustered enough courage to speak to her.   Proudly  he announced to her “My name is Corncob Bob” and he then asked her “What’s your name?”

She turns to him, leans in close and whispers “I am The Kissy Monster”.  Then she lets out and ear-piercing growl and smiles at him.

Corncob Bab knew instantly that he was hooked.  After all The Kissy Monster, or Kissy as he liked to call her, was the perfect woman.  Not only was she the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, she was every bit as cool as any boy he knew.    She loved to run, jump, climb, roll around on the floor and make loud noises.  All the while looking like an angel.

Corncob Bob and The Kissy Monster spent the afternoon frolicking and climbing, running, jumping and laughing.  As they spent the afternoon getting to know one another, he realized that this girl, this angel, The most beautiful Kissy Monster was the one for him.  In fact, Corncob Bob was so smitten with her, he was absolutely positive that he loved her more than any other boy had ever loved any other girl anywhere else in the world.  Ever.

The afternoon escaped them and before they were ready, it was time for them to say their good-byes.  He walked her to the shoe rack and sat with her as she put her shoes on.  He chatted nervously as the reality of her departure set in.  When she finally had all of her things gathered up, she ran to him to tell him bye. 

They promised to never forget each other and to hold on to the memories of that afternoon and the special time they had spent together in the play place.  He felt the tears stinging his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her, giving her the biggest hug a 4 year old’s arms could squeeze out.  Reluctantly, he began easing his grip on her and started backing away slowly. 

 Suddenly, The Kissy Monster grabbed Corncob Bob’s shoulders and planted the biggest kiss she had ever given to anyone, on his cheek.  Then she squealed with delight “You are Corncob Bob and this is my McDonald’s romance.”


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  1. Melissa Khammash

    HOW FUNNY and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! 😀

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