The Liz

I have been wanting to write a blog about my friend Liz for quite sometime now.  I’ve been more than a little hesitant to write about her.  Not because of lack of material, but for fear of bringing up painful memories for her.  While it is easy to admire and love Liz simply based on her bubbly personality, her true strength of character really shines through with the big picture.

I met Liz in the fall of 1988, I was 13 years old and we were in the 8th grade.  That means I have known her and been friends with her more years of my life than not.  Like most friendships, over the years there have been periods of time when we are closer than others.  But no matter the distance or time between us, we always seem to pick up right where we leave off.

Liz has weathered more than her fair share of storms.  From the untimely death of her dad when she was 16 years old, to infertility struggles, to multiple health issues, two things remain true: 

  1. Liz has an unwavering love & devotion to the Lord
  2. Liz has an unbelievable upbeat & positive attitude

No matter what my problems may be, Liz is always a steadfast shoulder to lean on and an ear to bend. 

From time to time Liz has mention struggles with her faith.  But, had she not vocalized these struggles, I never would have guessed.  Almost every conversation we have Liz ends it by saying, “I’m praying for you”.

In fact, it was largely that unwavering faith she has constantly displayed that opened my heart to the Lord to start with.  Liz has never been forceful with her faith, but rather she has been quietly nudging me towards mine.  No matter the struggle I may have had, she always gave me her opinion from a Christian stand point.  Honestly, when I would step back from the situation I was in and try to see it from a Christian perspective, I almost always walked away realizing that even my most dire of situations were not the end of the world.

We haven’t seen each other in years, still Liz has helped me come to terms with the loss of a child, a brother and a parent, divorce, the beginning of new relationships and the birth of children.  She quietly listens each and every time and only offers to remind me that the Lord, despite everything, loves me and is there for me.

Liz never asks for anything in return.  When she calls, it is never because she needs to talk, but rather because she wants to talk and is genuinely interested in and concerned about my world.

Now, I have several great friends, many of whom I could write glorious, raving blogs about.  Many I have known for years, and each one brings something special to my life.

The reason I focused on Liz today is because I want to stress had she not been so steadfast in her faith, had she not been praying for me all of those years, had she not  reminded me and shown me the Lord with all of my struggles, I do not believe I would have ever let my guard down and recognized the Lord working in my life.

My journey to the Lord may not have happened over night and Liz was often faced with stone cold heart (about God and religion).  But she patiently, several years worth of patience in fact, guided me to Him.

So, thank you Liz, for always having faith that someday I would have faith.  God bless you.



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2 responses to “The Liz

  1. Elizabeth

    Wow. I don’t know what to say Christi. One never knows how they touch a person’s life. I know that one of the things I strive to do is be a witness for Jesus. As a Christian, I want to live my life the way Christ would want me to. I fail miserably at times and I’m glad perfection isn’t expected. Life can be such a rough road at times and I’m just glad that we are never alone because Christ is with us always and I’m glad that maybe one word or one action I have done can help someone in their path to salvation. Thanks Christi. Love ya.

  2. Melissa Khammash

    Elizabeth is a special person as are you Christi! We may not have seen each other in many years but I am glad I know both of you! 🙂 (I met you and Liz both in 8th grade—when I moved to DeLeon ) 🙂

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