Routine. Habit. Routine. Hiccup. Freak-out. Normalcy.

With the passing of the holiday season and the return of some routine and normalcy to my life, I feel my spirits lifting.  For as spontaneous as I was all during my 20’s, over the past few years, I have become, very much so, a creature of routine and habit.

While habit and routine may be comforting, it is almost never rewarding.  I know that with children (especially young children) routine is an inevitable necessity.

My thoughts are, if routine and habit are what I need to feel comfortable, that is fine so long as that routine and habit involves exercise (and stepping out of my comfort zone) at least five days per week.  I also plan on trying to be a little more spontaneous and flexible.   Maybe not to the point that I once was, but hopefully at least to the point that any small hiccup or glitch won’t send me reeling and spiralling into a deep void.

So good-bye 2010 and all the bad habits and attitudes that are associated with you!

Hello 2011!  You are my 36th year on this planet.  The year I find myself.  The year I finally take control of my weight and health.  My year!

Tomorrow:  A very, very dreaded weigh in and measurements.  I completely took a nose dive off the waggon the entire month and a half of the holiday season.  As much as I dread knowing where I am right now, I have to know where I am starting from.

I gotta start somewhere, and right here looks like a good place to start!

Gonna work The Sexy Plan.



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2 responses to “Routine. Habit. Routine. Hiccup. Freak-out. Normalcy.

  1. Melissa Khammash

    Girl I am with you! 😀 Gotta take control of everything but still have fun doing it. 😀 Love ya Christi!

  2. I can identify! I had lost more than 80 pounds, but fell off the wagon a little before Thanksgiving in ’09. Since then I’ve gained back about 75 pounds. It’s time to get back in a routine, just as soon as I finish off all the junk food we have in the house… don’t want to waste it, ya know?

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