How I Came to Live With A Hillstrand Brother

Yesterday morning after Santa came around 2:30 am, Chris & I could hardly contain ourselves.  So much so, we ended up waking the girls up at 3:00 am so we could open our presents.

It’s always exciting to see the looks on their faces as they go through their piles of new toys.  Then it is time to open presents from Mama & Daddy.  They never get very excited about our presents to them.  I guess at 8, 5, and 4 years, clothes and shoes just aren’t that exciting.  I know if someone had bought me 3 pair of new shoes and 8 new outfits, I would have been over the moon.  Not my kids.  No, they acted as if opening each box was painful.  In fact, the 8-year-old would shake each of her boxes, sigh and say “I bet it’s more clothes…”  Poor baby!

The husband seems to be well pleased with his presents.  After a suspected peeping incident with one of his gifts, earlier in the week, he was expecting a membership to The Tofu of the Month club, instead of the 6 shirts, jeans, sleep pants and The Deadliest Catch game he got.

After about 6 hours of game play, Chris thinks he is a crab fisherman and we should move to Alaska, so he can try his hand at the real thing.

I’ve tried explaining to him that real life crab fishing takes place in a cold & wet environment, not in a recliner, under a blanket with a wife and little girls to cater to and fetch for him.  But, alas, he will not listen.  He has even insisted that we (me and the wrecking crew) refer to him as “Edgar Jake Hillstrand” all day.  I am guessing that is the fishing alias he made up by combining the names of  3 of his favorite fishermen from the show.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from our Christmas with you. 

I have to go now.  Edgar Jake Hillstrand’s hand is cramped into a miss shaped claw around the Wii controller.  Apparently he expects once I get it pried loose I’ll massage the cramp out with some muscle rub…


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