What’s in a name?

Most parents probably look up the meanings of the names they chose for their children before actually assigning those names to a child.  But not me.  No, I simply found a name that I liked the sound of and ran with it.

Today, for some reason, I was curious about the meanings of our names. 

Christopher Michael
  • Christopher – follower of Christ.  Greek origin.
  • Michael – Who is like God.  Hebrew origin.
Christi Leanne
  • Christi – follower of Christ.  Latin or Greek origin.
  • Leanne – Lee + Anne.  English origin.
  • Lee – clearing, meadow.  English origin.
  • Anne – grace, favor.  Hebrew origin.
Gavin Aaron
  • Gavin – little falcon.  Scottish/Welch origin.
  • Aaron – mountain of strength.  Hebrew origin.

Looking up the meaning of the wrecking crews names was a little tricky.  Why, you may ask?  Apparently I have an affinity for non-traditionally spelled names.  However, their middle names were much easier to look up, because they are spelled in a traditional manner.  Also, each of the girls middle names come from their grandmothers and great grandmothers first or middle names.

Carolyne Ellen – My Mama chose Carolyne’s first name (pronounced Caro-line) and her middle name, Ellen, was my Nannie’s  middle name (my mother’s mother).
  • Carolyne – free man.  German origin.  Traditionally spelled Caroline or Carolyn.
  • Ellen – torch; bright light.  Greek origin.
Catherynn Delores – Chris chose Catherynn’s name and Delores was his mothers first name.
  • Catherynn – pure.  Greek origin.
  • Delores – sorrows.  Spanish origin.
Christyan Louise – Christyan’s name was Courtney for months, until the day she was born.  Then, during my labor, I dreamt her name was Christyan.  Chris was not on board and we didn’t talk for almost 2 full days.  The stand-off finally ended when the hospital was ready to discharge us, but required a name for the baby before hand.  After playing a best 2 out of 3  game of paper, rock, scissors, we left the hospital with a sweet, baby Christyan.  Louise is my Mama’s middle name (and my sister Sue’s middle name as well).
  • Christyan – follower of Christ.  Latin origin.  Traditionally spelled Christian.
  • Louise – fame and war.  Germanic origin.
Camrynn Drucilla – Chris and I chose Camrynn’s name together.  Drucilla was my Daddy’s mother’s middle name.
  • Camrynn – crooked nose.  Gaelic origin.  Traditionally spelled Camryn.
  • Drucilla – strong; sturdy.  Greek origin.
 Gregory Elwayne – If the Lord ever finds a way to bless Chris and I with a son we can name, this will be his name.  Gregory (Greg) was Chris’s brother’s name.  Elwayne was my Daddy’s middle name.
  • Gregory – watchful; vigilant.  Greek origin.
  • Elwayne – a kind of hard-working person who is dedicated to his family(Urban Dictionary).

Chris and I both wondered what if we write out the meanings of our first and middle names.  This is what they would look like.

  • Christopher Michael – Follower of Christ who is like God.
  • Christi Leanne – Follower of Christ clearing meadow favor grace.
  • Gavin Aaron – Little Falcon mountain of strength.
  • Carolyne Ellen – Free man torch bright light.
  • Catherynn Delores – Pure sorrows.
  • Christyan Louise – Follower of Christ fame and war.
  • Camrynn Drucilla – Crooked nose strong sturdy
  • Gregory Elwayne – Watchful vigilant hard-working person who is dedicated to his family.

Now, can you imagine adding a last name to that?  I sure am glad my parents settled on Christi Leanne.  I never would have learned how to spell Follower of Christ clearing meadow favor grace.  Whew!  Bullet dodged, and I didn’t even know it.

I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me.

More blogs coming soon!  My brain has been going nonstop today.

Weigh ins and measurements tomorrow.

Zumba tomorrow night!

What’s your week look like?



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3 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. susan

    moma and daddy did not name you. christi- debbie leanne-cecil spelling-me

  2. Kristi Donohoe

    I know what you mean about non traditional spellings. When we were picking a name for our daughter we lived the name Madilyn, but John wanted the gaelic spelling, to honor his irish heritage, so the poor child’s name is spelled Madailein! A very unique spelling for a very unique girl!

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