Weigh In 12-13-10

Today’s weigh in was not stellar by anyone’s measurements.  But it was a loss.  So no complaints here!

Starting weight:  336 lbs

Previous weight: 325.2 lbs

Current weight:  324.8 lbs (-0.4)

Total lost:  -11.2 lbs

As I had mentioned over the weekend, Saturday was measurement day.  Here are the results

Upper Arms:
L: 18
R: 17
L:  7 1/4
R: 7 1/8
L: 31
R: 30 1/2
L: 18 1/2
R: 18 1/4
Chest:  52
Waist:  54 1/2
Hips:  60
Neck:  17 1/2

I think I expected to see more loss.  Not sure why my arms and legs seem to be getting bigger??  I self measured on Nov 4, so maybe that explains some of it.  At any rate, at least now I have accurate numbers to track from.  Thanks Mama!


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