Setting the Bar High

2011 New Years Resolutions

  1. Knit/crochet a matching hat and scarf each week from Jan 1 thru Thanksgiving 2011.  To be donated to the homeless and needy.  Yield 47 sets, 12 (or 25%) to be kids sizes.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Exercise at least 5 X per week, most weeks.
  4. Stick to my eating plan with only 1 “off” day per month.
  5. Walk in a 5k (February).
  6. Jog in a 5k.
  7. Start training for a 10k.
  8. Lose 104 lbs…gone forever!
  9. BMI less than 35%.

I’ve never been one to set New Years resolutions.  I have always viewed them as false promises people make to themselves.  Rather than disappointing myself by failing, I opted not to “disillusion” myself.

As I was listing out my goals for 2011, I decided this year is different.  I will make resolutions for myself.  If I fail, at least I can say I tried.

This brings me around to trying.  I started this journey to get healthy (and this blog) Oct 1, 2010.  If I am completely honest with myself, most days I fake it or half ass it.

Which leads me to ask; why do I talk such a big game and not bother to even give it 100% effort?

Fear of change?  Fear of the unknown?  Fear of committment?  Why am I just going through the motions of life, rather than taking charge and actively directing my life?

It’s actually really simple.  I am lazy.  Which, by the way, coincidentally explains why/how my life got to where it is now.

Ask anyone that knows me in “real” life.  Most, if not all, will tell you I could do anything I wanted, but I am lazy and never finish anything. 

It is time to stop offering lip-service and actually do something and take charge.

Here is a list of 80 words that WILL describe my life in 2011.

  1. alive
  2. generous
  3. healthy
  4. forever
  5. fast
  6. confident
  7. doer
  8. nutritious
  9. blogger
  10. strong
  11. wife
  12. amazing
  13. mother
  14. positive
  15. daughter
  16. beginner
  17. sister
  18. love
  19. student
  20. sacrifice
  21. loser
  22. quitter
  23. active
  24. winner
  25. fearless
  26. warm
  27. authentic
  28. vivid
  29. credible
  30. versatile
  31. humorous
  32. valid
  33. radical
  34. friend
  35. spiritual
  36. useful
  37. agile
  38. diligent
  39. dedicated
  40. unconditional
  41. inspired
  42. training
  43. exhilarated
  44. sweaty
  45. peaceful
  46. real
  47. invigorated
  48. radiant
  49. happy
  50. quality
  51. thankful
  52. pleasure
  53. educated
  54. passion
  55. accomplished
  56. stunning
  57. proud
  58. sexy
  59. original
  60. beautiful
  61. open
  62. inspirational
  63. impressive
  64. leader
  65. free
  66. talented
  67. fun
  68. successful
  69. forgiving
  70. brave
  71. energy
  72. flexible
  73. eager
  74. assertive
  75. decent
  76. blessed
  77. classy
  78. admirable
  79. capable
  80. bravo

Have you thought of your goals/resolutions for 2011 yet?  If so what are they?


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2 responses to “Setting the Bar High

  1. I love that you have put your goals out there for all to see!! It really does help keep us a little more on track. One of my goals for 2011 is also to run a 5K for the first time in 20 years.

    One of the ways I am going to ensure I do it is by posting my weekly workout goals on my site for the world to see. I know it will help keep me on track and hopefully it will help others reach their goals too.

    Here’s to success!!

  2. Melissa Khammash

    Ok you have now inspired me to write my goals for next year. I have gotten so far off track right now from mine it is sad. 😦 Keep up the good work girl!

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