Zumba! It’s only as good as your instructor makes it!

I know, I’m just sayin’…

Friday evening I did Zumba!  The normal instructor wasn’t there because he had “prior engagements”!  GASP whateva…Like his BFF HAD to go get married on the first Friday I decide to go to Zumba.  You’d think they could have consulted me before hand…Seriously though, I hope the wedding was beautiful!

Anyways, there was another instructor filling in.  The class was good.  She ran at a little slower pace, and I couldn’t seem to find my motivation with her.  Also, I notice that when I (or other people) struggled with the faster moves, she did not take the time to slow it down so that us newbies could figure it out.

All in all it wasn’t a bad class.  I really shouldn’t complain, I still burned 560 calories.  That is almost what I burn when the regular instructor is there.  What I did learn:  When you find the instructor that makes it fun for you and motivates you, you should hold on to it.  The fill in instructor is probably really great and a lot of people probably prefer her.  With that said, my Zumba instructor ROCKS and is the absolute best!

Friday after Zumba, Chris and I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner.  After much debate, we finally decided on pizza.  I knew it was a horrible idea, but I am weak.  What can I say?

I splurged on the pizza and immediately felt regret.  I wasn’t going to let it get me down.  Saturday morning I got right back on my eating schedule/plan.  Then the spiral began.  We had to run to town to get a few things, and we were only planning on being gone for a couple of hours.  I ate a good, healthy meal right before we left.

We went to Academy, had my oil changed, had my car washed, went to Wal-Mart and a few various other errands.  I look at the clock and realized it was 5 hours later!  I was famished.  We decided to grab a bean burritos to hold us over until we got home and made dinner.  Wouldn’t you know that once we got home, we realized that we had forgotten to lay anything out for dinner.  In true fat girl fashion, rather than make a salad, sandwich or soup, I allowed myself to be talked into having Wendy’s for dinner.  Trying to make healthy choices, I had a BLT cobb salad, back potato with butter & sour cream, and a Jr. bacon cheeseburger.  I only thought it was healthy!  I looked up the nutritional information and that meal alone was 1000+ calories!  GACK!

With tons of regret and remorse, I wrestled with how to get back on track all night.  Yesterday, I woke up pissed at the world.  I knew I was really mad at myself and had no one else to blame.  Chris suggested that I go to the gym for a walk, he thought it would do me good to be alone and get my head on straight.

I did my stretching and jumped on the treadmill.  It felt GREAT!  I even managed to job some, my average was 3.5 mph.  I completed 1.5 miles in 28 minutes.  Then I headed to the weight room for some lifting and core work.  Once finished there, I decided to try the recumbent bike.  I did not like the recumbent bike, at all!  I couldn’t get the seat adjusted right.  Either it was too close to the pedals or too far.  I just gave up and decided to call it a day.  After all, I had been at it for an hour already.

As I was walking to the locker room past the elliptical machines, an older guy (late 40’s or early 50’s) asked if I had ever tried the ellipticals.  I told him I had tried one the other day, but only lasted for about 1 minutes.  He went on to ask me which machine I had tried (one with arms VS no arms).  He then encouraged me to try out the elliptical machine that doesn’t work your arms.  As I was getting use to the elliptical machine, we talked about the importance of changing up your workout.  We also talked about what each of the machines would do for me and my diet.  he gave me a few pointers and said he had been a fitness coach/personal trainer for years.

As our chat was winding down, he said to me “Hey, look you’ve already been at it for 10 minutes!  next time try for 15”.  I thanked him for the information and his time.

When I went into the locker room to gather up my stuff, I looked at my little watch thing that keeps track of my time and calories burned.  That is when I realized I had been there for 1:16 and had burned 741 calories!  By far my best gym session yet.  I really didn’t feel like I had been at it that long or worked that hard.

Weight in later today!  I am praying that my poor judgement and decision to eat junk food Friday and Saturday doesn’t completely set me back.  I know now, if it does I can over come it!

Oh, Saturday when I didn’t go to the gym I was lost.  I may have to start going 6 or 7 days per week!  eek!

How was your weekend?


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