Screw the holidays, how do I survive the weekends?

I spend all week being diligent about my food and calorie intake.  Not only have I been watching my calories, I have been trying to ensure the food I do eat are healthier choices.  But, when it comes to the weekends, they are one big FAIL after another.

  1. I didn’t exercise…at ALL
  2. I allowed myself to be duped  into believing I could eat out and still control my calories.  Mind you, I thought that while I was eating and before I actually looked up any nutritional information.

So what in the hell is wrong with me?  Why would I work so hard all week, even seeing results on the scales, just to throw it all away?  Because I was too lazy to make myself a good meal?

I will just have to wait and see what the scales have to say tomorrow.  I am praying there is at least no gain this week.

Any suggestions to help me survive the weekends?

How’s your weekend?


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One response to “Screw the holidays, how do I survive the weekends?

  1. Jamie

    You haven’t failed unless u refuse to get back up!! Don’t beat yourself up! Your training your body to live a new way so of course it’s gonna rebel and try to stay on the course it’s been on for so long..
    Balance is what you need to remember. It’s ok to have the cookie, just not the whole pan full!! And if u don’t celebrate you’re successes then you’ll never be able to keep yourslef disciplined enough to finish! Your learnig more and more about yourself right now so learn from it and move on! Don’t let the devil steal you’re joy over one weekend mess up!!! Just say oh well I messed up and I’ll work harder next time!!!

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