Surviving the Holidays & 30 Reasons to be Thankful

Do you have a stratagy in order to survive the holidays?

This is a new concept to me.  In the past, I really never put much thought into what I was eating or doing, E.V.E.R, little alone the holidays.  So what’s different this year?  A lot!

  1. I realized I was unhappy
  2. I realized I am unhealthy
  3. I realized I am fat
  4. I realized that only I can change any of this

I have set my goal for the New York City marathon 2013.  I have a good deal of weight to lose and training in order to be ready.  However, to keep this long-term goal in perspective I have decided to do my first 5k in late February.

With these goals laid out, the holidays will serve as no excuse to not be mindful of my eating and continuing my training.  If I were to take the holidays off there is no way i would be ready for the Cowtown Marathon (5k) come February 26th.  And I have told everyone, so now I feel obligated.

So my plan to handle the food over the holidays is simple:

  • Small diameter plate.  No piling or stacking of food allowed
  • Paper plates.  They are flimsy and if over filled will rip, tear or fall apart.
  • 1/2 of a “normal” serving of desert.  Then eaten in peace and quiet by myself, so that I can relish in it.

Also, I plan on mapping out my calorie intake just like it were any other day.  Along with all of this, I am going to continue exercising as close to my normal schedule as the gym hours will allow.

If you have any suggestions, please share.  I am sure I can use all the help I can get.

Since Thanksgiving falls in November and there are 30 days this month, here is my moth long list of reasons I am thankful:

  1. my Lord, my Savior, my God
  2. My best friend, my partner in crime, my husband, Chris
  3. C4 – my 4 wild, crazy and loving girls.  Carolyne, Catherynn, Christyan and Camrynn
  4. My Mama
  5. The 32 years I was blessed with my wonderful Daddy
  6. My moody and often unstable sisters, Deb & Sue
  7. Beltway Park Baptist Church
  8. Mark & Lori
  9. Dale & Carol
  10. The U.S.A. armed forces, for their service and sacrifice
  11. Tawnya & Robert and their family – my adopted family
  12. Chris’s job, it allows me to stay home with the girls
  13. Our ability to provide for our family well
  14. Freedom of speech
  15. Freedom of religion
  16. The amazing women I have found through blogging
  17. My numerous nieces and nephews
  18. Brighton jewelry
  19. Fabric softener
  20. My most interesting friends
  21. Wet Lube & anal ease (just seeing if you are paying attention)
  22. The friends & family I have recently reconnected with
  23. Cosmetology schools that offer affordable services
  24. My cell phone
  25. The internet
  26. Dish network
  27. Zumba
  28. The YMCA
  29. A good pair of cross trainer shoes
  30. A sports bra that actually does what it is supposed to do

What are you thankful for?



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3 responses to “Surviving the Holidays & 30 Reasons to be Thankful

  1. zumbagoodness

    Your goal of the doing the 2013 marathon is awesome! I don’t have a goal like that…well, except maybe for going to the annual Zumba Instructor Convention. lol

    My strategy is much like yours. I opt for smaller plates, and I let myself have a bit of everything. I just don’t plop big portions. I like carbs way too much and realize that portion control is key for me. And since it’s Thanksgiving, I HAVE to have my grandma’s pecan pie. But it’s just so calorie dense! So I’m doing what you’re doing and get 1/2 a portion. A small slice instead of a big one. And I savor it…you know, take a bite and really focus on the flavor.

    Ooh, I know something simple that helps too…chewing thoroughly. I’ve realized that the days I feel stuffed were days that I inhaled my food. If I focus on chewing food longer (which is weird, I know), I can recognize when I feel content and can stop eating.

    Fitness-wise, I’m all for Zumba during the holidays, teaching and attending classes. In fact, we’re going to do a contest to encourage our students to attend, but shhhh… no details have been revealed yet. 😉

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow you are amazing Christi. It is so refreshing to see Christ change a person’s life and your goals are awesome!

  3. I am thankful for my daughters and grandchildren. I am thankful for the 31 years we had our son with us. I am thankful that we had Jr. living with us after his death. I am ever so thankfull to have had Perk with me for 52+ yrs. I really have so many things to be thankful for, I can’t possibly list them all.

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