Let’s get it started

Struggling through the last five minutes of my interval training last night, I suddenly realized the value of music during your work out.

I almost always listen to music while I am working out.  Most days it is just noise in the back ground.  Yesterday, though, I was already pretty spent from my strength test/workout yesterday morning.  So, when I jumped on the treadmill, I cranked up my MP3 player and zoned out.

I am doing week one of the Couch to 5k program.  I intend on repeating this week again next week at a faster pace.  Right now I am starting with a brisk 5 minute walk/warm up, which I do at a speed of 3 mph.  Then I alternate between jogging (or in my case a brisker walk) at 3.5 mph for 60 seconds and walking at 2.5 mph for 90 seconds.

Like I said, I zoned out to the music and the first 20 minutes flew by.  Then it was almost as if I hit a wall.  I didn’t want to continue, I did not think I could continue.  Just as my left hand was inching towards the stop button on the treadmill, something fantastic  happened.  “Let’s get it started” by the Black Eyed Peas came on my MP3 player (see video below).

I will never again under-estimate the power of music again.  That song, the up beat temp, and catchy lyrics seemed to be just what I needed to finish my work out.

Once I finished my interval workout, I headed over to the Cybex room for some strength training.

Yesterday morning, I met with a personal trainer and had completed one set of lifts on each of the machines.  However, since I am taking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from exercising, I was anxious to complete a second set of lifts.  So I did!

I am trying to ease into the whole exercise/healthy lifestyle thing, because I don’t want to burn myself out.  My current schedule is Zumba on Mondays & Wednesdays and interval/strength training on Tuesdays &  Thursdays.  I am then resting on the weekends.

The problem  I am having this morning is, since I have to go into Abilene any ways, should I swing by the gym?

Part of the reason I am wanting to go to the gym today is because I made a bad food choice last night.  All day yesterday, I stuck to my guns and ate small meals every 2 hours.  I feel like I made healthy choices all day.  Then  last night after my workout, while the girls were still in their karate class, I didn’t bring anything to eat.  By the time we got home, I was starving.  There was nothing to eat in the house, of course.  Actually there was just nothing I wanted.

After I called Chris whining and crying about my “problem”, he reluctantly agreed to get me a What-a-burger and large (yes, I said large) onion ring.

While I am not happy with the decision I made, surprisingly with my exercise figured into the equation, I did not go over my available caloric intake for the day. 

This morning I am back on track with my eating.   The personal trainer I worked with yesterday suggested I eat six times per day, keeping my calories between 200 & 300 at a time.  This is on days I do not exercise.  The days i do go to the gym this number increases. I am still in the process of figuring all of this out.  For the time being I intend on just eating around 1500 calories per day.  I know previously I had stated that I wanted to keep my  calorie intake to 1200 per day, but that just isn’t enough for me.  Maybe one day that’ll be all i need.

What is your exercise routing?

How many calories do you get per day?


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