Where have you been my whole life?

Emily over at Skinny Emmie wrote a fantastic blog (well, all her blogs are great) titled “Fail to Plan“.  The jest of this blog was to point out potential pit-falls if you fail to plan out how you are going to succeed.  Just go on over and read it.  Emily is 87 pounds into her 255 pound weight loss journey.

I can tell by reading her blog, that most days she doesn’t realize how amazingly beautiful, witty, fun, inspirational and brave she is.  She puts it all out there for the world to see.  You can’t help but cheer her on to her goal.

Emily is quick to offer advice on the things she has tried.  Not only does she blog, she also vlogs on YouTube.  Go ahead, go over and give Skinny Emmie some love.  Her spirited optimism is contagious, and I’m telling you, this chick is going places.  You are gonna want to be able to say, “I knew her when…”.

Anyways, Chris has suggested that instead of trying to get 1200-1500 calories in 3 meals, that I instead break them up into small meals every 2 hours.   He said when he played football this was the technique they used to speed up the players metabolism.

So plan I have.

When I thought about eating every 2 hours, it was a little overwhelming.  I thought there is no way I can eat THAT much food.

Sitting here trying to come up with what might be a “reasonable” meal plan for the day I have been forced to re-think food.

Here, let me show you:

8am:   Smart Smoothie (free sample from Complete Nutrition) – 120 calories
              1c Almond Breeze milk, vanilla – 40 calories (OMG where have you been my whole life)
10am:   Banana yogurt smoothie
                 banana – 105 calories
                 Dannon Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt – 140 calories
                 1c Almond Breeze milk, vanilla – 40 calories
12pm:   1 slice white bread (I know!) – 110 calories
                 1oz shredded cheddar cheese – 110 calories
2pm:   strawberry smoothie
              1/2c frozen strawberry – 26 calories
              1c Almond Breeze milk, vanilla – 40 calories
4pm:   banana – 105 calories
6pm:   Mexican crock pot Chicken – 220 calories (Thanks to Lisa @ 110 Pounds and Counting, excited to try this!)
              2 corn 6″ tortillas – 160 calories
              1 oz shredded cheddar cheese – 110 calories
8pm:   blueberry smoothie
              1/2c frozen blueberries – 40 calories
              1c Almond Breeze milk, vanilla – 40 calories
All of this comes to a grand total of 1426 calories.

I look at this list, and it doesn’t seem to be very much food to me at all.  I am a little apprehensive that by this afternoon I will be so hungry I am going to eat whatever I can get my hands on.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

The upside is, IF this actually works, I will be motivated to not eat out so much.

Chris and I were talking yesterday about his whole weight loss journey.  We talked about how I  tend to self-sabotage.  Then Chris said something really simple, but it totally opened my eyes.  He said

“Christi, you just have to own it.”

Wow!  I mean, I am in the process of owning where I am at right now, but it NEVER occurred to me to own my weight loss journey, or my weight loss goal.

So I am going to own it.  I am not going to stop until it is mine. 

Did I just realize that it isn’t always about the destination, that sometimes the journey is the real prize (lesson)?

ZUMBA!  this afternoon.  Yay!

Do you dig on smoothies?

Do you have any good low-calorie crock pot recipes?


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2 responses to “Where have you been my whole life?

  1. Elizabeth

    It is so uplifting to see how you are doing. I’m going through crappy weight gain again and hope that I can stop feeling out of control. As for the Almond Breeze milk, OMG yes it is super super good. Keep going Christi!

  2. Gah- you totally just made me tear up. I really appreciate your kind words – truly.

    I like what Chris said about “owning it.” This is so true. You have to own every part of your journey if you’re ever going to reach the finish line.

    Enjoy Zumba today!

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