Zumba! zumba…Say it with me, Zooooombah!

If I were the person who wrote entries for words in a dictionary, my definition for Zumba would look something like this:

ZumbaO.M.G this shit is hard.  Also see latin based aerobic dance.

The day I have been waiting for finally came.  All day, I toyed with the idea of not going to Zumba.

  1. I’m too fat
  2. I’m too tired
  3. I don’t know anyone there
  4. I will be self conscious
  5. Someone will laugh at me

After spending the better part of the day going back and forth as to if I would actually go to Zumba, I finally put my foot down and told myself

“Christi, it is high time you get off your ass and move.  This fat ain’t gonna lose it’s self”*

*For full effect please use appropriate Texas twang.

Nervously, and maybe a bit reluctantly, I entered the gym in my brand new work out clothes, tennis shoes and sports bra on.  Zumba may be all about “shaking what your mama gave ya”, but that does not mean my girls have to be flying and flinging all around.  Can’t be giving my fellow Zumba-ers a black eye on the first day!

Anyways, I nervously scan the room to find a spot.  Then to my surprise I realize something:

  1. I am NOT the fattest person there
  2. My adrenaline must have been flowing due to my nerves, but I am no longer tired
  3. There doesn’t appear to be any cliques
  4. I am not nearly as self conscious as I am worried about keeping up
  5. Every person in that gym was laughing and joking and having a great time.  Much to my surprise, not one seemed to be directing any of the laughing or jokes at me!

In fact, as I left Zumba, a lady came over and patted my shoulder and said “Don’t give up.  The first time is always the roughest”.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that!

In the locker room another girl told me “You did great!  By next week you’ll really start remembering some of the steps and routines.”  Then she and her husband were telling me that together they have lost about 90 pounds since July 1.  She has lost 51 and he has lost 39 pounds.  Ahhhmazing!

This really got me excited!

In case I have not said it plainly enough, Zumba was a freaking BLAST!!!

I may not have made every shake, every shimmy, every step, every skip, every hop or every jump.  I did stay and work at it for the full 45 minutes!

I sweated like a pig.  I was tired and I immediately felt the workout  in muscles I didn’t know I had.  Some how during those 45 intense minutes,  I never once felt so fatigued I thought I would have to quit.

I am amazed at what my body was capable of doing.  And this is just the beginning!  Mostly I am just really proud of myself.

Can’t wait until Wednesday!

On a lighter note <–hahaha I crack myself up and yes pun intended.

Todays Weight In:

Starting weight:     336 pounds

Previous weight:  334 pounds

Current weight:     331 pounds (-3 lbs)

Total weight lost:     -5 pounds

How did you amaze yourself today?




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3 responses to “Z.U.M.B.A.

  1. zumbagoodness

    Both ladies were right – the first time is the roughest because, as a newbie, you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into. But keep at it. After you attend a few times, you’ll hear some of the same songs and start to associate the steps with the music. In no time, you’ll have the steps down pat and have a blast “doin’ your thang!” 🙂

  2. Great job Christi! So proud of you
    Love you! Moma

  3. Melissa Khammash

    WOOOHOOO!!! YAY! Glad you got to go and had a blast!!! 😀 So proud of you girl! Keep it up!

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