Measuring up


I have decided to add measurements to my arsenal.  Admittedly, I was flabbergasted when I saw mine.  As of today I weighted  334 lbs and my measurements are as follows:

Chest:  57 3/4″

Biceps:  right –  16″          left – 16″

Waist:  58 1/2″

Hips:   62 3/4″

Thighs:   right –  29 1/4″          left – 28 1/2″

Calves:   right – 18 1/4″          left – 17 3/4″

Wrist:   right – 7″          left – 7″

Kind of depressing, right?

I am trying to look at this as a starting point.  I realize technically, I was supposed to get down to business Oct 1, when I started blogging.  I was side railed due to illnesses and this darned tooth ache/extraction.  But I also realize, those are just excuses.  If I hadn’t of started off “half-assing” it to begin with, I wouldn’t be a month into it and only down 2 pounds.

Sara over at Sara The Fit/Fat Girl has written a very moving blog about half-assing it.  As much as I wish nothing but success for Sara, it sure does make me feel better about myself to know other people struggle with the same issues that I do.

So my thought on the matter is this.  What if all of us “fat” girls banded together?  What if we check on each other, encourage each other, and hold one another accountable?  What do you think would happen?

Because, currently it seems we are each on our own journeys.  We struggle and suffer mostly alone.  Sure we blog about some of the issues and successes we are having.  And of course we all go around leaving a comment or two here and there trying to encourage or support those who blog.

But why haven’t we selected a handful of people (who are also making this journey) that we communicate with on a more personal level?

Maybe some of you already have a personal network of support, already built up.  I do not.  I really do think, if I knew someone was going to call every day or every other day and ask if I have gotten off my butt today or if I’ve made good food choices, I really would be more inclined to do better on a daily basis.

Today is the last day of my no vigorous activity mandate that was issued by my dentist last week after a tooth extraction.  And, as you know I have been looking forward to beginning Zumba tomorrow evening.  however, I joined a month-long challenge at the Y.  They actually have two challenge programs to choice from.

  1. Logged number of work outs in said month.  Prizes being awarded at 25, 30 & 35 work outs that month.
  2. Pounds lost.  Prizes being awarded @ 5, 10 & 15 pounds.

I have no idea what the prizes are.  The challenge runs Nov 15 thru Dec 15.  I figured it was a good way to keep myself accountable.    Anyways, the Y staff called and they have moved my weight and fitness test to tomorrow morning.  For those of you wondering why this would prevent me from Zumba tomorrow night, it is because I am only allowed 2 hours of nursery time per child per day.  I was told the weight and fitness test could take up to 2 hours.  So I am not planning Zumba for tomorrow evening.  I’ll try again make it on Monday!


I treated myself to a salon day.  Actually, I treated myself to a cosmetology school day.  I thought the girl who did my hair did a nice job.  My only complaint is my appointment was for 9:30 am and I was there until 3 pm.  My appointment started on time, it was just a slow process.  I guess it took a little longer because they are students and still learning?  Over all, I am very happy with my experience and hair!  Oh, and it only cost me $31!  Sweet…


Today would have been my brothers 47th birthday.  It is still so hard to believe it has already been over 15 years since I saw or spoke to him.

He was the only brother in a sea of sisters.  He just had a special way about him.  Always quick with a smile and a hug for just about anyone.  My brother was just a big kid most of the time.

In the short 20 years I had him around, he taught me how to play pool and make grilled cheese sandwiches and jello shots.  Little did I know at the time, he was giving me the three skills that got me through my 20’s.

I just wish that 15 years ago he could have realized that at 31, your life is really just beginning, not ending.  I miss him everyday.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek professional help immediately.  The aftermath of suicide and the years of unanswered questions can really break a family down.

End Public Service Announcement

Do you have a person or people who help hold you accountable?

Do you like to change-up your hair-do often?



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5 responses to “Measuring up

  1. Thanks so much for the love, hon! I’m so into having you as an accountability pal!!

    Your hair looks amazing – it really brightens up things. 🙂

    Oh, sweetie. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to live with the aftermath of your brother’s suicide. That’s so rough. ❤

  2. Kristi Donohoe

    Love the new ‘do! I agree that having someone hold you accountable would be a huge help.

  3. Melissa Khammash

    Hey chickie—you know I am here for you! I can chat on FB almost everyday and call on Tues. mornings (your time LOL). Loved chatting with you last week.

    I may not be into losing weight as much now (even though I need it) but I still need to exercise. (Hoping that baby #3 will happen soon. 😀 ) You can help me be accountable for the exercising which I honestly dislike doing LOL!

    LOVING THE HAIR!!! So pretty on you!!!

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