I’m a lucky girl!

First, I want to thank Lisa over at 110 Pounds and Counting.  I won her contest for the coupons for Popchips!  I don’t win things.  People around me seem to win all the time, but not me. 

Anyways, if you haven’t been over to 110 Pounds and Counting, I highly recommend you go have a gander.  Lisa lost over 110 pounds the good old-fashioned way, counting calories and exercise.  Not only that, Lisa has maintained her weight loss for over 2 years now.   Lisa is very real when talking about the struggles she was having before, during and even after her weight loss journey.  She is quick to offer advice and encouragement.  I simply adore her blog.  Even when Lisa isn’t talking directly to me, I get so much encouragement and inspiration from her.  Go give Lisa some love please, she is awesome.

I finally got that bad tooth pulled out yesterday.  I haven’t had any major dental work done since I was 14 and had my wisdom teeth cut out.  In fact, I haven’t even been to the dentist in like 7 years.  Who knew dental work could be so brutal??  I really like the dentist I am seeing now, and his staff is awesome.  Sweetest, nicest people I have encountered at a doctor’s office in a long time.  And my dentist, Dr. Bob, actually sits down and talks to you, like you are an actual person not a cow being ran through the shoots.  

Once Dr. Bob finally got me numb, apparently I have long roots and since they were infected they were a little harder to numb up, the extraction wasn’t horrible.  Not something I would want to have done on a regular basis, but certainly not as bad as I had built up in my head.  Today the pain has been minimal.  Yesterday, however, I felt like someone had run me over with a Mack truck.  I am glad it is over with, I am looking forward to having my mouth be pain-free for a while!

In other news, tonight is the big cross town rival football game between Abilene High School Eagles and Cooper Cougars.  As you may know this household only recognizes one football team, AHS Eagles.  Due to my tooth ache earlier this week, I didn’t feel like standing in line for hours Monday when tickets went on sale.  The left over tickets went on sale Tuesday at the ISD offices.  Unfortunately, because I didn’t go stand in line, we are now forced to sit on the Cooper Cougar side.  It will be fun, just a little stressful.  I hope we don’t get jumped for being all decked out in black and gold.  GO BIRDS!

I gave myself a free pass from the gym yesterday and today.  If I am feeling well enough Monday, Carolyne and I are going to start taking the Zumba class.  I am making her go with me so I don’t feel totally on my own.  Plus I figured it would give us some good one on one time that we don’t normally get.  Carolyne is actually pretty cool about it, I could tell her that I wanted to sort trash and she wouldn’t care as long as we were doing it together and without the distraction of the other kids. 

My Mama came yesterday morning so she could watch Camrynn while I was at the dentist.  She ended up staying the night with us too.  After we took the wrecking crew to karate last night, she thought it was too late for her to drive.  I enjoy when my Mama comes for a visit.  I just wish I would have felt better.  I always miss her so much when she leaves.  She only lives about an hour and 15 minutes from us, and I really do get to see her a lot.  I just wish she didn’t have to leave.  She is a lot of fun.

Well, I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon ordering me some new clothes!  In particular I am looking for a good sports bra.  Can anyone recommend one?  The one I have is the one I used after Camrynn was born.  It just isn’t doing the trick.    The girls need to be tamed.  Not only is it uncomfortable to have them flying this way and that while exercising, it is embarrassing.  I have always been self conscious about my boobs, adding a good deal of bounce doesn’t help that. 

Do you have any blogs you adore?

Who is your go to football team?

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Thanks for the love!

    Sorry about the dentist. I’ve been dealing with a root canal issue since this summer. NO FUN!

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