Fears of loosing weight

Lisa over at 110 Pounds and Counting is having a contest to give away some coupons for Popchips.   As part of her contest she offers three ways to enter. 

  1. Comment on her blog by “asking me anything”
  2. Tweet on Twitter “I want to win some free Popchips at www.110pounds.com
  3. Write about the give away on my own blog and then leave a comment with the link back on Lisa’s blog

The tweeting on Twitter was pretty much a given and fairly instantaneous. 

This brings be around to the “ask me anything” question.  What question do I really want to know the answer to?  Especially, what question can I ask this person, who has already been on the journey I am just beginning?  Here is the comment I left:

“After reading the story of how you transformed your life and your body, I would be interested in knowing the affects the weight loss has had on your body.  I only know my body at 330+ pounds.  I am curious about where you have gained muscles you may not have thought about to begin with.  I am also curious to know about loose/saggy skin.  Do you have any that you wouldn’t attribute to age (NOT that you are old, but we all know what happens as you age, things just aren’t as firm as they once were)?  Is my loose/saggy skin going to be as bad as I have it pictured in my head?  I also know everyone’s body is different…just curious about your experience.”

Valid curiosity, right?  I have been overweight my entire life.  So I have to wonder, when this journey I am on is over, what is my body going to look like?  Quite frankly, I am apprehensive.  I mean, the girls have certainly never lived up to their full potential due to my weight.  Now day they spend more time looking at the floor than they do straight ahead.  The girls look OK when I wear the appropriate supportive undergarments, but if I turn them loose they look more like two small children fighting to peep out from under my shirt hem than actual breast.

I am under no delusion that weight loss is going to magically fix the girls.  But, will they get worse?

What about loose/saggy belly skin?  My stomach has over lapped as long as I can remember.  I guess in general I am wanting to know: Am I going to require a full body tuck, like Sharon Osbourne underwent after her weight loss?

Don’t get me wrong either.  A thinner, healthier Christi, even with some excess skin, is a far better alternative to the path I have been on.

Some may say I am jumping the gun, that it is too early in the game to worry about such things.  Maybe I am more vain than I realized.  I can’t help it, I need to know.  Kind of like when you meet/hear/read about someone who has had a sex change.  Agree or disagree with the decision or the life style leading up to the decision, I still have the morbid curiosity to see the after results.

I never actually intended on the blogging portion of the contest at 110 Pounds and Counting, but par normal I obsessed.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

I couldn’t stop talking about it all night, even as Chris and I played raquetball.   At one point he was shouting “I can’t hear you, the echo is too loud.”  I know he could hear me because when I mumbled under my breath something about the hot guy walking by, Chris stopped and said “Hey, your husband is right here!”

I need to know what to expect.  I need to know from a real person, who has been down this path.  I need to be able to have an actual conversation, not just read about the “ifs” in a medical journal.

At the YMCA tonight, I didn’t get to do core exercises because Chris HAD to play racquetball.  It was actually fun, even though I don’t think we were playing by the rules.  I did work up a good sweat and my legs are sore.  The scale was nicer to me tonight that it was yesterday.  336.5 lbs, a 1.5 lb loss from yesterday, which leads me to believe at least some of my weight gain was, in fact, due to water retention, courtesy O’ my monthly visitor.

Do those who are just considered overweight have the same worries/concerns/body image issues as those of us who are obese?


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2 responses to “Fears of loosing weight

  1. Thank you for the mention!

    When I was losing weight I could not picture myself skinny. I really tried but couldn’t. I’d been obese or, at the very least, overweight most of my life and I really couldn’t picture it. I had no idea what to expect.

    In terms of the loose skin…for the most part if you lose the weight slowly and in a healthy way PLUS work on toning you’ll be fine. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I can’t imagine my self thin or any where near thin. I see your before pictures, and I can relate to that person. Then I see your pictures from now, and it just blows my mind. Did you ever imagine your self being so little? Come back and visit again. My blog is mostly about discovering who I am. A weight loss journey. A spirital journey.

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