Ego Boost

I was talking with one of my older sisters this afternoon.  We will call her “Sue” to protect her identity.   I casually asked Sue if she had read my blog.  We then have the following conversation:

S:  I have read some of it, but you should really be more careful about what you put in your blogs

C:  Have I said something that wasn’t appropriate?

S:  You know your mother reads your blog, right?

C:  She hasn’t said anything to me, I guess I assumed she did.

S:  Well, she called me and asked me if I had read your blog.  When I asked her which one she said the one where you talked about your “freaky sex”.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.  Yes, I wrote a blog talking about sex.  But more importantly I was trying to ask what other thought about the role sexuality plays in Christianity.  It was just funny that my having “freaky sex” was all they took away from that.

My mother and I actually have a pretty close relationship.  We talk at least every day and most days we talk several times.  When I lived closer to her she would watch my kids when I worked.  Now that we live further apart, we don’t get to see her as often as I would like.  However, mom is real good about coming over for two or three days at a time every couple of weeks.  Mom turned 72 this year, if you ask me she is pretty spry for her age.  I often attribute this to my children forcing her to remain young.

The year my oldest daughter, Carolyne, was born we almost lost my mother.  She has been a smoker most of her life and she weighted over 300 lbs.  She had gotten to the point that she simply couldn’t breath.  It really didn’t matter what she did, she couldn’t catch her breath.  She had been to the doctor and they never could give her an explanation. 

Early in the fall of 2001, my mom was struggling with her breathing.  My dad drove her to the hospital over an hour away from where they lived.  By time they reached the hospital she was having such a hard time breathing the doctor told her they may have to intubate her to help her breath.  Luckily the doctors where able to get some medicine on board, which alleviated some of her struggles. 

After being admitted to the hospital, the doctor had countless specialist come in to see mom.  Several of them ran test, but some said they could do nothing for her.  Finally, a couple of different doctors started getting some answers.  The cardiologist discovered that mom has A fib.  Atrial fibrillation is a fairly common condition that occurs in older people, and is often easily treated with digoxin.  Also, a pulmonologist saw mom.  The pulmonologist quickly diagnosed mom with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Mom was sent home with various medications to control her A-fib and numerous medications to treat her COPD.  Mom was also put on continuous high flow oxygen.

After a couple of weeks, mom returned to her pulmonologist for a follow-up visit.  At this time, mom asked the doctor how long she would have to use the oxygen, and she was told for the rest of her life.  Over the next several months, every where mom went, her oxygen cylinder went as well.  Often cumbersome for her, it also produced quite a bit of unwanted attention. 

Carolyne was born in December that year.  Here was this perfect, little, beautiful girl, that I had no idea what to do with.  I had never been around little babies much, and when I was around them I didn’t really have much to do with them.  I needed my mom!  Carolyne and I lived with my parents for the first year and a half after she was born.  During this time my mom helped me take care of  Carolyne.  My parents even watched her while I went to school. 

My mom had started loosing a little weight.  She was more active taking care of Carolyne that she had been in years.  By the time Carolyne was 2 and a half she had lost almost 100 lbs and was no longer wearing the oxygen continuously. 

Even now when mom goes to her pulmonologist for a check up, the doctor can’t believe she is the same woman she saw in the hospital struggling to breath.  There are still days mom has a hard time catching her breath.  For the most part though, mom comes and goes and does everything she wants. 

My mother reads my blog!  Now if I could just entice her to leave a comment!


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2 responses to “Ego Boost

  1. Debra

    I have to say ,this one is a very good blog!

  2. Elizabeth

    Awww I love your mom, she is so awesome. I’m glad to hear how she’s doing so well.

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