To reply or not to reply, that is the question

As I have navigated my way around the blog circuit, I occasionally leave a comment.  Sometimes the author of  the blog will leave a quick reply, other times no reply will be left.  Normally when no reply is left, I am quick to assume that my comment  had no value to the author.  Then one day as I was rooting around a blog whose author hadn’t replied to my comments, I found that the author doesn’t reply to anyones comments.

So what is the best policy when it comes to comments on your blog?  Do you offer a quick acknowledgment?  Do you only reply to comments that you feel need further discussion?  Do you not reply to any comments?

I don’t know what the best policy would be.  I know as a commenter, a quick acknowledgment is nice and you feel appreciated for taking the time to read and comment.  I also know the twang of insecurity and  “I’m not worthy” when the author seems to acknowledge and reply to every other person who left a comment, except for mine.  I am also acutely aware of the lingering question of if my comment was even read or is it simply being thrown out into a void, forever lost, when I see no signs of an author replying to anyone. 

I have tried to take the approach of just acknowledging  my commenters generally in my blogs.  But is it enough?   Because, even though I don’t answer the comments with direct replies, it certainly is not because I don’t appreciate them.  I love love love to get replies.   It helps me know that maybe I am entertaining, encouraging or maybe challenging others.  Which are the main reasons why I continue to read most of the blogs in my blog roll. 

Today was pretty uneventful.  I know I said I was going to go to the Y once I dropped the kids off, but I was so drained after being up all night with my tooth, I just came back home and took a nap.  I know this isn’t getting any where fast.  I have never had a tooth ache like I did last night.  Good thing is, my tooth hasn’t hurt one bit since I woke up from my nap.  I appreciate all the prayers, they helped!

After my tooth finally stopped hurting, I was so scared to eat anything.  I didn’t eat all day and I would barely sip on water.  I know you have to eat, that starving isn’t going to cause me to lose weight.  I just couldn’t bring myself to try to chew anything.

By time dinner rolled around, I was STARVING.  Chris couldn’t decide if he wanted Schlotzsky’s or chicken.  Chicken is like my all time most hated food.  Fried? Nope.  Baked?  Nope.  Jerked?  Nope.  Roasted?  Nope.  Dumplings?  Nope.  You see where I am going with this….I was pulling for Schlotzsky’s. 

Much to my relief, Schlotzsky’s won hands down when the wrecking crew was surveyed.  Much to my horror, because I was so hungry when we finally got there, I made horrible, terrible, embarrassing food choices. 

Just so we are honest from the get go, you should know that Cinnabon, while wonderfully delicious, is the bane of my existence.  After tonight’s display of no self-control, I am no longer allowed to drive on that side of town alone.  My lack of self-control became apparent to my husband when I picked up a six-pack to go and growled at my children when they asked to see.  That was just the icing on the sweet, sticky, gooey bon.

For dinner I decided a large sandwich would be prudent.  Not only would I be able to have dinner, but I could have a snack later (yea, like I need one) and lunch tomorrow.  Along with the sandwich, large enough to feed a family of four, I added a large bowl of cream of broccoli and cheddar soup. 

I will digress and hang my head in shame as I admit that I will not be having my sandwich for lunch tomorrow, nor will I be having it for a snack later tonight.  Unable to control myself, I used ever last  piece of that sandwich to soak up all the creamy, cheesy goodness of my soup.  If I can manage to get my fat little arm up high enough, I will go ahead and pat myself on the back for only being able to scarf down one Cinnabon, instead of  the 3 left.  Yes, I did share with my kids.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  I have my breakfast, snack and water already packed up.  Chris is going to the Y with Camrynn and me tomorrow.  Strangely enough, I don’t mind exercising in front of Chris, as supportive and encouraging as he is, he actually likes my jiggly parts. 

Comment, Comment, Comment.  I love it when you do!


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7 responses to “To reply or not to reply, that is the question

  1. Jamie

    After pondering for a moment I suppose that commenting to the comments would kinda be like blogging to your blog.. I think if you wanna do it then go for it. It is your blog page after all. Who is anyone to try and tell you how to act on your own page?

    On a different note… I have learned that on the track to a healthy lifestyle.. You must prepare for failures. I don’t know if you’ve given yourself a time line for the exact weight you want to lose but I can tell you that once I stretch my goals from one month per 20 lbs to 3 months I had a much better success rate. I wasn’t stressing over the days that I wanted a treat or to blow it off for a day nor did I feel guilty when I had inhaled too much. So I would encourage you to not feel bad for your bad choice but be glad that you get a second chance to make it right. Anyway, your body needed something.. You shocked it by not eating all day so it was bound to happen some time…

    No one ever climbed a mountain without slipping a few times before reaching the top…

    There that’s my comment.. Either comment back or not. Either way I’ll keep reading.. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I think it is more a matter of thinking I am reaching people, then fearing I’ll loose them if I don’t answer. I have to stop and remind myself that I started this whole blogging thing for me.
      I have decided I will reply to comments when I feel they are neccessary. I am not going to obssess about them.
      I love that you always have an encouraging word for me. Thanks! You da bomb!

  2. ZOMG I love love LOVE Schlotzkeys! They don’t have them where I live now and I just had a convulsion reading your blog.Garr.

    Re: comments. Sometimes I struggle with how to respond so I usually won’t reply unless I have something insightful or funny to say; if I get a new reader I’ll thank them for stopping by.

    Sometimes I get the impression people are only giving me a cursory response; a reply for the sake of replying; a “me too” or whatever. And that, as much as not replying at all, makes me feel kind of cheated. Sometimes I don’t reply, but I’ll stop by that person’s blog and check them out and comment, which I think is more meaningful.

    • My blog and I would like to appologize for causing any convulsions! I do want to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am new to the blog world and I welcome any advise, suggestions and input from more experienced bloggers.

  3. Melissa Khammash

    Hey girl we all have days we slip up—LOL I had such a day on Sunday! That pack of chips, coke and candy bar sure hit the spot though LOL! Once in a while you get off the wagon (or fall off really hard)—you just jump back on it the next day.

    Loving your blog girl!!!

    • Well Melissa, if nothing else I can always count on you for being optomistic! I hate to break it to you though, that wasn’t a “slip” up. That was a full on,”ignoring everything I knew I should/shouldn’t be doing, but I am going to eat Right. Now. Dammit!” up! Thanks for the encouragment! It really does mean the world!

      • Melissa Khammash

        Well, chickie, that to me is a slip up! LOL!!!!! (yeah that ice cream cone today I really shouldn’t have had either hahaha!!!)

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