Irrational fear?

To be honest, there isn’t a lot I am afraid of.  Of course I have normal fears.  Fear that something bad will happen to one of my kids or my husband. 

When I have to take one of my kids to the doctor or the dentist, and they must have a shot or a procedure done, I show a brave face and try to talk them through the situation.  I urge them to have and show no fear, that whatever pain they may feel will be temporary.  They are typical kids and will cry and scream, and when it’s all over will look at me with tear stained eyes and say “That wasn’t bad at all”.

If my children (who are all 8 years-old and under) can pull together enough courage to endure, why am I having near panic attacks thinking about going to the dentist myself?

I should be relieved.  After all, it has kept me up for the past 2 nights and has even hurt all day today. 

So I am trying to figure out where this fear is coming from.  Going to the dentist has never really bothered me.  Of course it isn’t my favorite pastime or anything, but I have always endured the drills and what not well. 

Maybe it is because I haven’t been to the dentist in years?  Maybe it’s because I watch the sheer terror in Carolyne when she has to go?  Maybe it’s the thought of  all that money?

What ever it is, I sure wish I had a Xanax for tonight and tomorrow to get me through! ( JUST KIDDING…kinda)

Do you remember me mentioning yesterday that I can’t stand chicken?  Today as I have laid around, nursing my aching tooth, I watched Julie and Julia (again).  And I have to say, in that one scene where Julie is cooking the chicken and mushrooms in cream and port looks absolutely de.lic.ious!  I may have to find that recipe and give chicken another go!

Do you have any unexplained/irrational fears?

Is there a food you loath?

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One response to “Irrational fear?

  1. Jamie Pogue

    Well, I know that the bible tells us to “Fear Not” 365 times. That’s one for everyday of the year. Doesnt make it any easier though. I know that some people say having a little fear is healthy. I don’t know about that. But what I do know is that we all have our fair share of fears. We only fear that which we have not experienced. It really is fear of the unknown. I guess others such as you can pinpoint certain fears that will come up at times, such as the dentist. I enjoy the dentist.. It’s the only time I get to lay back and have someone else take care of me. Either way, fear is something we, especially moms, have to conquer on a daily basis. Its a choice. The feeling of fear may not be a choice but decision to give into it is. If there were one thing I could say I fear, it’s rejection. But it’s not a fear in the sense that most people think. More like a disapointing fear. I don’t like to feel left out of things and I don’t like to be told no and that my ideas arent important. So sometimes I just don’t bother even trying.. That way I don’t have to be rejected.
    But I have to realize that people arent neccessaraly rejecting me but rather chosing to do things thier own way.
    So that’s my comment on that.. Ha!!

    And I don’t loath any food, that I can think of. I will try anything within reason. And Im not very picky at all. So there ya go.

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