Ode to a 2:45 am tooth ache

I am sure you have noticed that I have changed up the look of my blog, again.  I just can’t seem to find “the one”.  They say it’s like a wedding dress and you’ll know “the one” when you try it on.  We will see.  I like this current lay out pretty good, except the annoying green banners with the titles of each blog.  If I could figure out how to change that, this very likely would be “the one”.

It is 2:45 am, and I was going to wait and blog later in the day.  I was hoping to have terrific day to blog about.  Instead, here I sit.  I have a horrible tooth ache that won’t let me sleep. (I have a bad tooth.  Get it fixed you say?  I would love to.  But with no insurance and trying to pay to get Carolyne’s teeth fixed, there just isn’t room in the budget yet.)  The week before last we all came down with a horrible, nasty stomach virus.  This past week, I very literally though I had pneumonia.  Chris’s dad’s wife’s mother passed away yesterday.  Sometimes life just has a way of snowballing on you before you know it. 

This weekend we did something completely abnormal for us.  We stayed home.  We ventured out of the house only to get food.  We didn’t even attempt to go to church, which I missed.   Normally on the weekends when we stay home, we spend most of that time cleaning up, catching up on laundry and various other chores we have neglected.  But not this weekend.  We laid  around and watched TV, played on the internet, and played with our girls. 

The good news is I found a ton of wonderful blogs (can be found in Cool Links).  I was feeling so well by 6pm last night, I began writing down ideas for blogs again.

Something occurred to me last night, I should have realized it all along, but I suppose I am a tad on the slow side sometimes. 

Did you know, it is actually just as easy to grab (or hand to your children) an apple, orange, banana or grapes as it is to grab (or, again, hand to your children) a candy bar or snack cake?  I know!  How amazing is that?    Getting a piece of fruit may even be easier than having a bowl of ice cream.  I mean, you don’t even have to mess with dipping anything.  Just a quick rinse or a peel and it’s good to go.  

I was having a Honeycrisp apple for a snack about 8pm and the girls wanted to try it.  I of course didn’t mind, because Honeycrisp apples are HUGE.  The flesh is firm with a nice snap when you bite in.  They have a very sweet and juicy flavor with just a hint of a twang at the end.  Hands down my favorite apple, so far. 

I cut off wedges of the apple and hand to my kids, and they go nuts, begging me to cut another one up for them.  My kids LIKE fruit!  My kids have had fruit, right?  Of course they have!  After all I do make a fruit salad at the holiday meals…..

No really, my kids LOVE fruits and vegetables.  There really isn’t much they won’t eat.  I am actually a much pickier eater than they ever thought about being.  Catherynn does not like raisins or cooked mushrooms.  None of them are big fans of canned spinach.  Aside from that, they will pretty much eat whatever doesn’t eat them first.

I keep whatever apples and oranges are on sale that week for them to have for snacks.  They may or may not get eaten.  It really just depends on their moods.  Over the past couple of weeks, instead of strictly buying what was on sale, I have been taking into advisement other people’s opinions on apples.  We have tried Pink Ladies, Gala, Washington and Honeycrisp.  I don’t think we can go back to plain apples. 

I have just dissolved a baby aspirin on my aching tooth.  It seems to have taken the edge off.  I think I will try to get some sleep before the day begins.  Camrynn and I are headed to the Y once we drop the girls off at school.  As long as everyone stays healthy today, I will blog later about food, exercise, and  life.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?

I actually like most fruits and vegetables.  Not a big fan of Kiwi because I find it a little slimy.  I am actually really excited about making oven roasted brussel sprouts this week.  I got the idea from Iowa Girl Eats, and they were YUMMY when I made them before.

For those of you who attend Church, when you miss on Sunday do you feel like your week is off skew?



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4 responses to “Ode to a 2:45 am tooth ache

  1. Jamie Pogue

    Well, to answer your question, yes. I do feel out of whack when I miss church. Especially when I do so with selfish intentions. By Wednesday Im so drained it isnt even funny. I find myself doing things that I wouldn’t normally do as a christian. Such as watching horrid tv shows or just being plain mean to everyone in front of me. I am so thankful for the ability to listen to church sermons on a computer or my phone. Thank God for technology. I think it has more than just Spiritual benifits tho. It’s realizing that you are in your safe place. Knowing that when you walk in that door Im wanted and loved by all. And those who may not love me well, theyll get over it once they get to know me.. Hehe… I am still working on allowing church to follow me home. To make my house a sense of church if you will. Where the spirit of God is welcome on all ends and we are not ashamed or afraid in the least to live a positive, God fufilling lifestyle. The flesh loves to work against me on this one. But I am conquering it one day at a time. Anywho, I am loving the blogs. It has inspired me so much. Thanks girl for being so open. I love that about you. Im the same way. HMMM. Maybe we are kindrid spirits…. I would love to sit and talk to you.. That would be a fun day. Ok, so I digress… I think I told you that I started journaling on my computer to help me get anything out that may be bothering me. And to remind myself of the greatness of God and how he always is listening.. It is one thing to talk about what you need from God but it is a totally different thing to see it written, and realize how short of a time it took God to answer…. It amazes me….Some have probably thought Im an emotional wreck due to my desire to unload and get anything off my chest. So Im learning to keep to myself and unleash all on my keyboard. And it has been very helpful..
    Keep up the good work girl. You have reminded me to take better care of my body and Im fighting the urge to sit on the couch all day. I am glad all of yall are all better and taking a day off from church can sometimes be the most refreshing thing for you…

  2. Jamie Pogue

    oh, and I am asking God to fix your tootache right now in Jesus Name!! He is the name above all names and toothache has a name and has to bow down!


  3. Elizabeth

    I just wanted to say, we LOVE those honeycrisp apples. I was just at the store and saw some and of course, thought of you and got a few. Yum!

  4. Lacy Agne

    Toothaches are really nasty,i really hate it that is why i always take some flouride varnish every 3 months to prevent tooth decays. “*’;:

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