My 4 year-old is smarter than me!

Had a blast with the family this weekend!  We went to the Sprint Nationals at Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale, TX.  Two full nights of more sprint car racing  action than you can imagine.

Catherynn @ Isabella's

If you aren’t already a fan of dirt track racing, I highly recommend you high-tail it to your nearest dirt track.  Not only will you be thrilled with action packed racing, it is a relatively inexpensive event for the entire family to attend.

Christyan & Carolyne @ Isabella's

ASCS (American Sprint Car Series)   and ASCS2 were the sanctioning bodies for this weekends race.  ASCS is a racing series that travel to various places through out a region.  Often at a different venue weekly, these guys (and sometimes gals) spend a great amount of time traveling and away from home.  They all do it for the love of the sport, risking life and money to offer the fans the opportunity to live vicariously through them for a few hours each week.  So go ahead, visit your local dirt track and support your local racers.

Camrynn @ Isabella's

While in the metroplex we got to eat at Isabella’s, which is by far my absolute most favorite restaurant ever.  The calzones there are to-die-for.  I remember eating there when I was 3 or 4 years old.  It is still as good today as it was then. 

Chris @ Isabella's

Christyan had a bit of a revelation this weekend.  Friday night she had the opportunity to sit in a sprint car.  While she was all hugged up on the steering wheel we have the following conversation:

C:  Mama, I want to drive!

M: You can’t Christyan, you are too short

C:  It’s ok Mama, my legs will grow

I just laughed it off and we went about our business.  Every time we walked by that car, she would run her hand down it and say “Mama, it’s soooo pretty!”

Me @ Isabella's

At the souvenir stand she found a pink T-shirt that says “Racin Chic on the front.  On the back it says “Racin Chics are jeans wearin 4 wheelin ain’t afraid of gettin dirty love to sling mud type of girls”.  She HAD to have it!

Saturday afternoon as we are headed out to the track, Christyan has the most serious conversation I have ever heard a 4-year-old have, with Chris.

C:  Dad!

D:  Yea, Christyan?

C:  Dad, I have to tell you something!

D:  What’s that Christyan?

C:  Dad, I was made to go fast!

D:  Oh yea?  Why do you think that?

C:  Dad, you know I’ve always wanted to go fast!

D:  Yes Christyan, I know

C:  It’s time, I need it now

D:  Well Christyan you know racing is a rough and dirty sport that not a lot of girls do?

C:  I don’t care about getting dirty, Dad.  And I like it rough!  Come to think of it Dad, I ain’t even scared of boys!

D:  Well, alright Christyan, we will see about you racing go-karts next year.

Then she proceeds to talk , the rest of the afternoon, evening and night, about when she gets to race.

The girls had such a good time at the races, they insisted on staying until the races were over (1 AM), so that we could walk through the pits to talk with the drivers and look at the cars.  They chatted with various drivers and asked about the cars.  Christyan, of course was eating it all up!

Sunday morning, before we headed home, Chris and I decided to take the girls to Speed Zone in Dallas, TX.   Mainly we wanted to go, because they have 2 seater go-karts that Chris could give Christyan a ride in.  Not the best go-karts, but it was what we had to work with.

While waiting her turn in line, you could hear Christyan going “ka chigga, ka chigga”.  So, I walked over to tell her “good luck” and she says to me “Mama, if you ain’t first you’re last!”  Then she holds up 1 finger, showing me she’s number 1 (ref. Mrs. Stokes “You’re #1).  I wonder where she gets it?

After spending the weekend thinking about it, I think Jamie may be right.  My interests have changed over the years, because I have changed.  And I haven’t necessarily lost myself, I’ve just multiplied myself in 4 different ways.  It seems, at least with the older 3 girls, they have something of my “former” self to offer.  And, I have to admit, listening and watching the girls dream and strive for things, probably gives me more pleasure and fills me with more pride and hope than if I was the one doing the dreaming and planning.

It always amazes me how the Lord answers questions.  Usually these answers come in the least expected way.

Thank you Lord for giving Jamie the words I needed to hear, so that I could recognize myself in my children this weekend.

I am trying to get on a blogging schedule, so for now I am going to plan on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  That is, of course, unless I come up with something else to say!

How was your weekend? 

See you Wednesday!


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One response to “My 4 year-old is smarter than me!

  1. Jamie pogue

    How fun!! We have 2 dirt race tracks within 5 miles either way from our house but we have never went.. Now that i heard how much fun your kids had i may just plan a date with them next time John is working nights.. He isnt particularly interested in that stuff….

    I actually started “journalling” on my laptop last week when things were heavy on my heart… It helps in more ways than one.. I get it off my mind and it keeps me from wearing johns ear off when I’m feeling anything other than peaceful… So thanks to you.. I seriously doubt that any of my thoughts will ever reach the blogging stage but either way I am finding some release in the act of putting pen to paper.. (or fingers to keys)..

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