We’ll try again on Monday

Along with my diet and exercise plans, my blogging plans were derailed as well.  My entire family has come down with a nasty stomach bug.  Luckily, it looks as if we are all on the mend.

Chris is wanting to go out-of-town this weekend.  So I am going to take the rest of today to heal up and do some laundry.  Tomorrow will probably be much of the same. 

But, I did feel compelled to alert my loyal reader that I’ll be back on Monday with a new, awesome and fantastic blog!  I am also planning on going to the gym and getting back on the diet band wagon.  Of course, as yucky as I have felt all week, eating food has not been an issue.

Before everyone got sick last night Chris made spaghetti for dinner.  It was oh-so-yummy.  I don’t think we will be having spaghetti any time soon though. 

If you are enjoying the blog, please tell your friends about it!  Also,  be sure to add your email for a subscription.  That way you always know when I post a new blog.  And comment, comment, comment!  I love them.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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One response to “We’ll try again on Monday

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad y’all are getting better. Sick sucks. As for this weekend, my momma and her husband are coming down. She comes down every year in October so we can celebrate our birthdays. She just turned 66. So I guess we’ll go to the mall, eat some sea food and hang out. Should be a good time.

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