Whew, I made it….

Today started off with the best of intentions.  Needless to say, things did not go entirely as I had planned.  But, non-the-less I feel like today was a huge stepping stone and success.  


 I normally start my day between 6:30am and 6:45am.  I get up and pick out the girls clothes and then I go through the process of getting them dressed and ready for school.  If you have never had to or tried to get 4 kids ready to go in 30-45 minutes, come on over to my house, I will give you a crash course in efficient herding and directing!  I normally have Carolyne to her school at about 7:25 and then drop Catherynn and Christyan off at their school around 7:35.  After dropping the girls off, Camrynn and I head straight to Sonic for our morning ritual of Diet Coke with lemon and tater tots.  Camrynn and I usually split a large order of tots, however, this morning we did without the tots!  So proud of that…but not entirely proud that I couldn’t pass up my Diet Coke with lemon.  I couldn’t even bring myself to down size.     

Some habits are going to be hard to break!

 So with a route 44 (that’s 44 oz people!) Diet Coke with lemon, Camrynn and I head home.  While Camrynn enjoyed her normal Cheerios, banana and milk breakfast, I sliced up a Pink Lady Apple.  I have to send out kudos to Kristen over at Iowa Girl Eats for singing the praises of this amazing apple.  She is always going on about how sweet and juicy they are.  And let me tell you, I was not disappointed this morning!   I added 2 tbsp of smooth peanut butter for some protein and dipping action.    

Pink Lady Apple with Peanut Butter


 After breakfast Camrynn and I usually play for about an hour and then it is nap time.  Yes, I often nap when Camrynn does.  This morning, I shook things up a bit.  Instead of getting out our normal toys and putting cartoons on, we got dressed to leave the house.  Poor little Camrynn was so confused!  She kept looking at me like I had lost my mind.  I told Camrynn, we paid for a membership to the Y we are going to use it!  I have to admit the idea of being kid free for up to 2 hours a day (even if it does mean I have to work out) is appealing to me!  Excited to be doing SOMETHING, we took some pictures to mark the occasion and headed out the door!     

Camrynn and I getting ready to head to the Y


Camrynn and I heading to the Y

Camrynn and I headed to the Y

Ok, I never said we looked good.  At least we were on our way!  You may notice on the pictures I have included the date and my current weight.  Now some of you may think I am completely insane for posting my weight.  I assure you, I am not!  I just feel that if I put it out their for the entire world (possibly) to see, I have to own it.  I have plans to blog about my current weight and how I got to where I am at another time.     


After a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some new ear buds, we finally made it to the Y.  Now I had two thoughts about beginning an exercise regimen    

  1. jump right in, no holds barred
  2. take it easy and ease into a routine, slowly adding more

Chris and I actually joined a gym a few years ago, and we did the jump right in bit.  Yeah, that didn’t even last a month!  So I elected to go slow.  Initially I thought I would walk around the walking track at the Y, that is, until the lady told me you had to make like 19 laps to make a mile!  I wasn’t even going to try to attempt to keep count.  So I headed off to the treadmill.  Now, since I am a novice to working out, work out equipment, and treadmills, I thought I did pretty good even getting the thing started!  When you step on it ask you to select a program.  I have no idea what a program is, little alone how to select one.  I eventually pressed enough buttons I made the thing work.  After a few minutes I was even able to adjust my speed.  The last time I was in P.E. (7th grade) we walked a mile in 15 minutes, no sweat.  By my calculations that means I can walk 4 miles per hour.  I went ahead and cranked that treadmill up to 4 mph….and right off the back I went!  That is a whole lot faster than I thought it would be!  Not one to give up quickly, I jump back on and slow the speed down to 2 miles per hour.  After a few minutes I was feeling more comfortable and managed to get it up to 2.5 miles per hour for the duration of my 30 minute workout.  I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but I have been very sedentary for the past few years, so it is a start.     


After the longest 30 minutes ever, I was famished.  I don’t mean I was a little hungry, I mean I didn’t think I could make it all the way home to have lunch.    I decided I wanted sushi  Sushi!  Chris won’t touch the stuff and the only restaurant in Abilene that serves it he isn’t a big fan of.  I thought what a perfect time, just Camrynn and I, we will have sushi!  Off to Bonsai’s we went.  Only to find out when we got there that they didn’t have any tables open, only a place at the grill.   Once I was seated at the grill, I caved.  I had to have some fried rice.  And they had steak and shrimp on special.  But I thought I did pretty good, instead of my normal double fried rice and no veggies, I only got one order of fried rice WITH my veggies!  Baby steps right?    

For dinner I am making a quick meal of grilled chicken and broccoli with pasta.  But even with everything I have eaten today, according to the SparkPeople I burned way more calories than I have taken in today.  I am going to call today a success! On a funny note,  when Camrynn and I got home we had about an hour before we had to leave to go get the girls from school.  Catherynn and Christyan get out of school at 3:15 and Carolyne gets out at 3:25 pm.  Camrynn was very sleepy so I decided to  lay down while she took her nap.  Yeah, it was 3:22pm when I woke up!  Luckily we only live about 2 minutes from the school.    

What motivates you?  

Do you enjoy your “alone time” when you work out?     

What are your favorite types of ear buds?



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3 responses to “Whew, I made it….

  1. Tawnya

    Hey girl,
    Really enjoyed reading your blog. I will be praying that you reach all your goals. I love you!!!!

  2. Melissa Khammash

    Hey girl you can do the weight loss thing! It takes baby steps—-I know for me it has so far. I have lost about 8 kgs since I started (ok, that is with taking the summer off my diet and gaining 2 kg back but I have now lost them again thankfully!!!) in April. (that is about 17.6 lbs so far) I still have a long way to go but I am motivated—-I want my kids to have a healthy mom raising them and I want them to learn how to eat and live healthy too. Link with me on sparkpeople (ummhamza1 is my user name there). We can help motivate each other! 😀

  3. Jamie pogue

    Well.. Ok.. Here’s my 2 cents… LOL! I spent the majority of my life focuses on how I look… Now while I’m not a big make up wearing girl.. My wieght was always an issue (but only for me)…. I started working out last year not because I wanted to lose weight but because I was tired.. And u know it was due to lack of activity as was your case… I appreciate that I’m not te only one has done that.. Anyway, I was talking to God about this because Andhe spoke loud and clear..” the point of wieght loss and exercise isn’t to relive your glory days but to live the rest of your days gloriously.” so you go girl! And live the short time we all have left on this earth gloriously.. And most importantly, do what you enjoy and reward yourself for the achievment!! I wish I could of had sushi with you!! What a great way to start off!!

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