Who Dat?

Back Ground? 

When I moved back to Texas from Florida in 2001, I stopped in the Houston area to see a few friends of mine.    As I spent the evening with one of my friends, we will call her “Liz”, we talked about all the places I had been and all the things I had done.  At this point in the conversation “Liz” told me , now imagine one hand on a hip and the other with a finger waving back and forth, “Girl, you should write all your crazy ass adventures down in a book”!  Ok, so that may not be quoted 100% accurately, but that is how I remember it.  I remember thinking at the time “who would want to read about me?”   I finally answered that question, ME!    

Since moving back to Texas, I have gotten married to a wonderful man named Chris.  Chris works hard and is trying to get back into dirt track racing.   We have four beautiful, wild, crazy and loving girls.  Carolyne is our 8-year-old, going on about 16.  She is a 3rd grader and does very well in school.  Catherynn is 5 and started kindergarten this year.  She loves school and is a very loving girl.  Christyan, aka The Kissy Monster, turned 4 in May and is in Pre-K this year.  I think she just goes to school for the social aspect and is very ornery!  My sweet baby Camrynn just turned one and is trying to learn to walk.  She had rather be carried, but we are working that out!    

My hubby

My crazy girls

But, who is Christi?  The honest answer is I don’t know any more.   My identity has gotten so wrapped up and entwined in theirs I can’t even tell you what my interest are any more.  Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband and children.  I love being a wife and mother.  I just want more.  When someone asks me to tell them who I am, what I am about, I want to come up with more than two words!  

So where do we start? 

I suppose, right here is a great place to start.  The things I am looking to make changes to are:  

  1.  my relationship with the Lord 
  2.  my weight;  my non-existent diet and exercise plan
  3.  my relationship with my husband 
  4.  my relationship with my children.

I intend to make strives each day in all 4  areas and then blog about it here!  To do this I am going to:    

  1. take time to read scripture and spend time with the Lord daily
  2.  start making meal plans and exercising.  (We actually joined the YMCA this week and I have to say, if you have one in your area check it out.  They have tons of activities for both children and adults and the cost of a family membership is equivalent to that of an individual membership at other gyms.)
  3. work on having more patience and try to figure out why I am so pissed off all the time.  I am not angry or depressed, I am pissed!  But I can’t quite put my finger on the reasons why.
  4. my goals for #3 and #4 are pretty much the same right now.  I expect over the next few weeks and months this will change and at that point I will update this list.

So there you have it.  I am a 35-year-old (29 if anyone asks)  woman from Texas.   I am a wife.  I am a  mother.  I am Christi.   I can be so much more…… 

me about 7 years ago


Me about 3 months ago

Are you struggling with anything right now?

I would love your feedback, comments or suggestions!    


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3 responses to “Who Dat?

  1. Melissa Khammash

    HEY Christi! I totally know where you are at……wrapped up in kids, hubby and then ….hmmm, where is the me that used to exist?? Going to change that definitely—-going back to teaching next year God willing. It will be a great feeling to be independent (money wise LOL) again and to have people other than little ones to talk to.

    One big advice about the diet—don’t DIET—change your life! Change what you eat, how you think about food, and how much you eat. Don’t buy all the junk snacks—get everyone in the house involved in eating healthier. It so far has worked in my house. Yeah we still have a treat maybe once or twice a week (ie, sweets, chips, ect) but that is the limit—even for the kids. They want snacks–they get fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts or popcorn (self popped in a pan on the stove –none of that excessively fattening microwave crap!—we just shake a bit of salt or some cinnamon and sugar on it). I also use Sparkpeople.com to keep track of calories, exercise, ect. It is an amazing help!!!! We have a little group of us on there too—some other women I know that help support each others’ efforts. It helps! 😀 Join us on there if you can!
    LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!! (will have to call you sooon chickie! Maybe today since hubby is at the farm)

  2. Elizabeth

    I love your blog idea. I also love your list of priorities, with the Lord first, everything else will fall into place. Oh yeah, I talked to “Liz” and she approves!

  3. Jamie pogue

    Ok girl.. Ima try this again… I have found that I have spent the first half of my short 31 yrs of life making it all about me and demanding it to be that way, the few years after that wondering what the he’ll happened and why wasn’t it about me anymore and what happened to that person that exsisted before family came along, and now I realize that it isn’t about me, never was about me and never again will be about me… You see, you haven’t lost your identity at all.. You’ve multiplied it by 4. (or five if ya count the hubs).. See God saw so much in u that He couldn’t just let you waste your life away always trying to please yourself.. He saw that in your need to feel great the key is to make others great first.. I struggled with this until earlier this year ad I prayed an prayed cause I felt I had lost all of my identity in my kids.. An I remember him telling me he had great things planned for me. And I wasn’t seeing any of it come to pass.. Until one day he just got plain with me and said ” in helping others to greatness, you yourself become great.” I never even noticed it.. So all those kids and people you take care of on a daily basis have not caused you to lose your identity at all.. In fact they have been a major part of making you the most unselfish human beings on earth.. And if that’s the only price you have to pay in order to show your children how to be great and follow the way of Christ, then that my dear the least we can do…what a gift, what a opportunity.. What a legacy!!!! Your interest are your family.. And that’s the way God intended it to be.. Now that my kids are older, I am beginning to figure out what Jamie enjoys doing in life.. And still, I’m never more happy then when I’m taking care of family and friends..And to imagine I resented them for “stealing” my life… What a waste of mine and Gods time to sped so much time being hurt…. All the other fun stuff i enjoy is just add ons for an already good life.. So I’m excited to go on this journey with you.. And by then end, between your blog and my comments, you may have that book…. “memories of christi, and jamies thoughts” lol!!

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